Download Programmer Art + Fix v.1.0.5 [16x16] [1.18]

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Minecraft Programmer Art + Fix

Some ores in the world have been retextured in Programmer Art style in 1.17+ packages to make their patterns unique. If you still prefer the old ore patterns, download the Classic Ore Patterns add-on and then place it above the Programmer Art and Programmer Art Fix.

The Programmer Art Fix resource pack is mainly intended to fix problems in Programmer Art. Some texture issues fixed in this resource pack are listed below: MC-112679 , MC-124367 , MC-128271 , MC-140216 , MC-140954 , MC-141075 , MC-148182 , MC-151759 , MC-159632 . MC-161416 , MC-162797 , MC-165401 , MC-169867 , MC-169869 , 89-169MC 171141 , MC-174910 , MC-173173 , MC-175360 it is higher than Programmer Art, otherwise it may not work.

1.18programmerart1.0.5 - Main resourcepack
1.18.xprogrammerartfix-rv1.1 - Resourcepack with bug fixes (set over the first one)
xclassicorepatterns-rv1 - classic ores (not recommended)
xpanoramaadd-on - addon for ProgrammerArt (install over 1.18.xprogrammerartfix-rv1.1)
xpanoramaadd-on-classicpatterns - addon for classical ores (not recommended)

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