ID предметов и блоков в Minecraft

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Minecraft ID предметов и блоков в Minecraft

The more you are an advanced player in Minecraft, the more often you use the command line. That is why it is useful to remember by heart the numbers of the blocks and items you can get or pass to another player in such bands as /give or /setblock

/give [login] [ID] [amount] [dopolnitelnoye]

-Give 1 diamond pickaxe to player svin
/give svin 278

-Give 1 diamond pickaxe to the nearest player
/give @p 278

-Issue 64 birch planks the player svin
/give svin 5 64 2

-Give the player svin 1 diamond sword, damaged 50
/give 276 1 50 svin

-Give the player svin 10 bubbles potion of regeneration
/give svin 373 10 8193

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