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Minecraft OneBlock [Original]

Welcome to the OneBlock map! Bright themed map in Skyblock style from the Crepteam team. In this game mode, you have to start the game on only one block and use all the collected resources to create a new world! The map supports multiplayer so you can enjoy it with your friends. This map has an additional Tarty Edition mod that spawns more block varieties and has some custom improvements! The original version was published in 2018.

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Category: Maps   MC: 1.18.1   Developer: CrepikCZ
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DevWarrior99 3 January 2023 09:58
give me one block map please
говняшка 1 August 2023 10:56
ю дибилы пащло ти нофек
shad506070 15 September 2023 05:29
vika_karter [hide][/hide]

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