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Minecraft Alex's Mobs

Alex's Mobs - Adds over 70+ new mobs to Minecraft. All of these mobs fall into two categories: real world creatures like grizzly bears, killer whales, elephants, etc. and fictional ones like Endergade and Bone Serpent, but they don't seem out of place in Minecraft. All of these creatures have their own role in the game and have unique drops and mechanics. However, they also help make certain game environments feel more alive. Models, textures, animations and AI are designed to seamlessly integrate with the original game without stylistic conflicts.

Most mobs have unique drops and items associated with them. In the tradition of vanilla Minecraft, rare or endangered animals have no drop. Most of the drops and items can be used to create unique weapons, arrows, potions and armor with special effects. Also, most of the added mobs are not overtly hostile, but can be provoked by distance or attack, much like vanilla polar bears and pigs. However, most of the unique fantasy mobs are hostile.

You can also craft an Animal Dictionary from Crocodile Skin to get more familiar with the Alex's Mobs animal universe. CITADEL 1.10.10

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