Minecraft 1.10.2

Minecraft 1.10.2 - Releases

Version Minecraft 1.10.2 makes almost no changes in gameplay. Has been fixed minor bugs associated with displaying the names of the sounds of the mobs. and mobs hovering a few pixels above the ploughed land, and ...

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SkyBlock v.1.1 [1.9]

SkyBlock - Maps

SkyBlock – You start the game on the island of 2×2×3 cube where a tree and a chest in which lies the following things: 12 strands, 2 the ice cube, Red and brown mushrooms, Slice of watermelon, pumpkin Seeds, Bone, Sugar cane, Cactus. Your task is to perform all tasks with limited resources and not die.

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Better Foliage v.2.0.12 [1.9.4]

Better Foliage - Mods

Mod changes the appearance of leaves on the trees and grass, making them more fluffy and realistic. Along with the mod for shaders, the surrounding vegetation will look very beautiful. Additional sheets will be generated for each block of leaves. This mod is only for client version, although it does not fail the server if you add it accidentally.

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Camera Studio v.2.18 [1.8]

Camera Studio - Mods

Always dreamed to move smoothly around the map at high speed when browsing maps? Then this mod is for you! This mod is addressed to all those who want to record a video related cards will offer interesting routes.

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Ender IO v.3.0 [1.9.4]

Ender IO - Mods

The author of the mod EnderIO was clearly impressed by the mods Thermal Expansion and Indastrial Craft and Factorisation. It turned out not that hybrid, and it is a complete replacement mod Thermal Expansion. On the mechanics of this mod is very similar to Industrial Craft

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ComputerCraft v.1.79 [1.8.9]

ComputerCraft - Mods

ComputerCraft is a mod (with multiplayer support) which adds in game computers. Each computer has its own operating system, file system, several work programs (text editor, understands the programming language Lua)

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Forestry v. [1.7.10]

Forestry - Mods

Forestry - mod multiforme, will create an automatic farm for growing trees, crops, hell wart, cactus, sugar cane, pumpkins and watermelons, farm bees and butterflies. In addition, fashion has its own system of energy production, additional equipment in the form of backpacks, transportation system, etc.

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Dragon Mounts v.R46 [1.9.4]

Dragon Mounts - Mods

With this mod you will be able to make a pet, not usual, but most of the dragon. But for this you have to fight the dragon to get the egg from which it will be possible to grow it.

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MystCraft v. [1.7.10]

MystCraft - Mods

The modification allows to create new dimensions to the worlds, which are called "age". The modification is made based on the once famous game Myst style graphic quests. Journey through worlds is done using books that you can write your own special language or randomly generate.

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CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders v.52 [1.9.4]

CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders - Shader Packs

The names of sadaraka comes from the author's website Bitslablab. This is a beautiful and heavy modification of the source sadaraka Chocapic13's shaders v5 test 2. Added unique effects such as Edge Detect Occlusion, Depth based Cel Shading, Edge Bump, Dusty Dirty Lens, Water Ripple and other

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.9.4  
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Natura v. [1.7.10]

Natura - Mods

Natura - Another great mod that adds diversity to the plant world Minecraft. It adds many new tree species, several additional types of plants, food and resources, and makes the Nether a little more dangerous.

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