Download BBEPC (Beyond Belief Engine) v.1.2 [1.12.2]

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Minecraft BBEPC (Beyond Belief Engine)

Daniel Rodriguez Moya has laid the Foundation for the shaders Bbepc (Beyond Belief Engine) in 2015. But recently, development and support Shader continued the man under the nickname Dakotah2468. Over the past year has introduced many changes and revisions in the Shader code. Added: wet effect (reflected from the plates when it's raining), volumetric clouds, motion blur, softer, more natural lighting color night and day, improved water, depth of field (DOF), slowly developing leaves and moving clouds. Works on new Nvidia drivers! (Starting with version Shader 1.1 +)

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Category: Shader Packs   MC: 1.12.2   Developer: Dakotah2468
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:D 25 October 2018 19:18
awesome! it has good lighting, shades and animation with leaves and grass.
Dakotah2468 28 December 2018 12:57
I would greatly appreciate it if you linked the curse forge download instead of rehosting an old file. Thank you.
alexinaz 12 January 2019 12:30
i want this on 1.13.2 pls
Mertinko06 10 June 2020 15:30
LaGGeR nerden indircez ki
Raditya 25 November 2020 06:59
Aku pengen main minicraft

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