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Minecraft Continuum Shaderpack

This sadirac it is recommended to put on powerful computers, especially the Ultra version. This sadirac very demanding on the GPU. The 980-x graphics cards you will get 30-40 FPS on Ultra at 1080p, the 560Ti and will give no more than 30-40 in the light version. This sadirac not working with INTEL HD GRAPHICS

Key features Continuum Shaderpack:

  • Global illumination - the excitement and scattering of light from the world
  • Volumetric clouds - a Fully procedural 3D clouds
  • PCSS soft shadows - high Quality variables soft shadows
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping - 3D rendering on the blocks
  • Physical rendering - High quality lighting and reflections
  • Physical correction caustics of the water - High quality light refraction on the basis of wave heights of 1.3
  • Volumetric light - 3D light shafts - 1.3
  • Extended Shadow Distance - 1.2
  • the System is the variability of the weather a Fully dynamic weather that changes from day to day to 1.2

The continuum Sadarak is a big modification of Cody Darr's sadaraka known as SEUS. Main developers: dotModded, stazza85, and dethraid. - Remark DethRaids shader is currently not working. A big thank you also robobo1221, chocapic13, catman, and sonic ether.

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