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Minecraft Dungeons

Dungeons is another adventure roguelike from mattcarter11, this time for the latest version of Minecraft 1.18.2. The map has a lot in common with roguelike games like Enter The Gungeon and Issac. The gameplay is implemented using data/resource packs.

!!! Reading this can ruin the game and make it less fun. !!!!
!!! Some of the things explained can be learned by playing this game. !!!!
Only read if you want to learn about the game's quirks or are a developer.

Custom Functions (Latest Version)
  - 173 items (182 if count variations)
  - 7 sets
  - 30 enemies (+6 Community Creators)
  - 9 bosses
  - 3 floors
  - 63 rooms
  - 5 traps
  - 1 custom song

  - Many different mechanics (stats, custom enchantments, abilities, spells, ...)
  - Constant progression (shop) that can be enabled or turn off
  - Custom attacks of bosses/enemies
  - Textures and models
  - Step by step character development

  - Language support: English, Russian, 简体中,文
  - Compatible with multiplayer (yes)

- Separate data packs
    - Easier to capture features and create "mods"
    - Easier to update and test.

How to update a map while keeping mine game progress?
You just need to replace the datapacks folder and file of your old map with the ones found in the new version.

  - If you play it in single player mode, you don't need to use the resource pack (it's included in the world file).
  - If you use it for multiplayer, each player will need to install the resource pack

Playing on a server?
  - Set render distance to 16 or more
  - Enable commands and animal spawn

  - To create a new floor, click the [ Create ] switch on the left.
  - All rooms, enemies and loot are randomly generated.
  - Once the floor is generated, stand in the warp zone (middle of the room ).

What do you need to do?
  - You start from the first floor.
  - Defeating the floor boss allows you to go to the next floor.
  - Items obtained on one floor are stored on the next.
  - Death ends the run.

  - Do not use glitches, mods or cheats.
  - Don't take off your shield.
  - It is forbidden to have multiple shields.
  - Items cannot be missing from your inventory when you are in the lobby.
  - Have fun.

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