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Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is an excellent API for developers of mods for Minecraft. Most authors create their own fashion, based on this mod.

Minecraft Forge 1.8 has become popular because of easy installation and collaboration of a large number of mods. But possible conflicts if mods use the same IDs of the items. But this can go digging in other special modifications, or manually in the files of the mod. Due to the complexity of the installation, all recent versions of forge come with installer. Below you will find all the latest version of Forge, which you can download from the official site

Download forge-1.8- [3,51 Mb] downloaded: 2123 times
Download forge-1.8- [3,55 Mb] downloaded: 898 times
Download forge-1.8- [3,29 Mb] downloaded: 366 times
Download the latest version of Forge from official website
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Other versions of Forge

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