Download MakeUp - Ultra Fast Shaders v.8.9 [1.20.2]

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Minecraft MakeUp - Ultra Fast Shaders

MakeUp - the best shaders in terms of quality to performance ratio. Thanks to the flexible system for setting up configuration files, you can focus only on those parameters that will least load your already weak video card!, and you will consume only those resources that you want. For example, shadows and depth of field are resource-intensive effects. You can remove them if you need more performance, but the graphics will still look great. Leave the built-in Optifine shader parameters at their default values, otherwise the quality of the shaders may be reduced. Customize using only the parameters of the shader itself. To use the shader pack you will need Optifine or Iris

Additional features:
- Shadows
- Depth of field
- Temporal anti-aliasing
- Improved environmental occlusion
- Blur
- Volumetric clouds
- Volumetric light
- Reflexes
- Waving plants

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Category: Shader Packs   MC: 1.20.2   Developer: XavierFST
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Parichka-stinka 19 December 2023 18:34
how to download i

man_cool man_cool man_cool teroser man_cool how to download it
BenTiago002 4 January 2024 11:49
mach mir bitte eine realistischen Shader

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